Topic: Can I add my company's logo?


I downloaded Simple Viewer. Can I add my company's logo on top?

Re: Can I add my company's logo?

Yes. 3 ways to do this are:

- Use backgroundImagePath in gallery.xml to load an image or swf in the background of the gallery. Check details here: … tions.html

- Edit index.html to add a logo image above the SimpleViewer swf. Check an example here: … ample.html

- Edit the viewer.fla file to add your logo to the SimpleViewer swf (requires SimpleViewer PRO).

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Can I add my company's logo?

and a 4th way  :)
load viewer.swf from a container swf , logo etc  would be in the container swf
requires SV Pro , see multiple galleries example for basic code.


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