Topic: Download button and title.. Where in code?

I use svmanager to make a gallary and then sv builder to put my title and my download button. I then embed it in my html the way sv builder tells you to imbed it. It never makes it's changes.

So what i want to do is code it my self to make sure it makes the changes. Is it in the heading, insided the divs with the flash player, inside the gallary.xml. As much info as you can give is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Re: Download button and title.. Where in code?

SimpleViewer Pro has a showDownloadButton option in the gallery.xml file – is this the one you mean? The gallery title is also stored in the gallery.xml file. More information on options in the SimpleViewer Pro docs.

The gallery title should show in the svManager customize screen. SvManager should not change any of the Pro options once they have been set in svBuilder.

If the problem is something to do with embedding then it might help to look at this example.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.