Topic: TV Pro not visible in FF

i can't seem to get TV Pro to work in FF -

it appears perfectly in other browsers - I have read about problems with simpleviewer etc not showing FF in this forum and tried a few things which have corrected that problem but to no effect

ok have also directly uploaded some of the examples given with TV Pro when i purchased but they don't work either

but if i copy the code from the online example from here it does

i am assuming that's pulling the TV flickr images somehow

greatly appreciate any insight into what i am doing wrong so it can be corrected as i am thoroughly confused - kind regards anthony

Re: TV Pro not visible in FF

A couple of things I've noticed...

Your 'gallery.xml' file is malformed.  There is a '&' character in line 66 within <description> tags.  This will need to be escaped and the line should read:

<description>Wylies Baths in B&amp;W.</description>

There are several errors on the HTML page when I try to validate it at W3C
These errors should be fixed for the page to be cross-browser-happy.

The Doctype Declaration should be the very first thing in the HTML document but yours is on line 2 after a line feed.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: TV Pro not visible in FF

Monkeyboy - many thanks for your suggestions the validator let me clean up things but it didn't work there is still something wrong shows no problems in the validator yet still doesn't appear in FF

any more suggestions - kind regards anthony

Re: TV Pro not visible in FF

There is still a line feed before your Doctype Declaration.
I doubt this is the problem but it's an easy one to eliminate. Ensure that the DTD is on line one of your indexFF.html document.

Does the page work in Firefox locally on your computer before you upload it, ie does it only fail when viewed from the server?

From my testing, everything seems to work fine except when viewing in Firefox from your server.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: TV Pro not visible in FF

After some digging I think the issues has to do with the URLs, you are linking to your gallery as note the www subdomain at the beginning of the URL. If that is the case then your images should be found for example at but in Firefox this just redirects you to note the lack of the www subdomain. So in Firefox for whatever reason it is looking for the images at, but Google Chrome is the exact opposite and is looking for them at Do you have some redirects set or some strange settings in your .htaccess?

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: TV Pro not visible in FF

Miker - interesting observation and well picked up i now see that in the status bar & yes i do have redirects in htaccess and they relate to the shopping cart to get seo friendly urls and error page redirects etc so don't want to mess with them
t want to

its weird how this only effects FF - have to put something else there until i solve that - shame everyone loved the tiltview effect - thnx