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First off, your tutorial on the topic was mighty helpful in getting my AV 'g1' to show up on my home page, thanks.  I have a couple of questions. This is just the test site, I will eventually be setting it up on another server. If you drag the window out you will see the gallery under the main design.

In the above example, I would like to replace the main "photo" slice/graphic, with the my 'g1' gallery. I will be removing the button that says "gallery". So directly under the two hairlines, under the header is where I would like it.

This is the location, name and size of the slice I want to replace with the 'g1' or potentially just have it 'above' a background image.

#MK2-800-05_ {

1) Can I set it up to be 'absolute' positioning? How?

2) How would I get it in the correct position?

In the past when using 'simpleviewer' without 'svmanager', I would just embed/replace the graphic with the .swf directly into the correct spot via the dreamweaver feature -  insert/media/flash. I'm a PHP and JS newb to say the least... I bet you never hear that... =) any assistance would be very appreciated.


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In the past when using 'simpleviewer' without 'svmanager', I would just...

I guess that just about moves this out of the general css/html advice category into the svManager forum  ;)

Actually, I think you almost answered your own question. Here's a slightly edited version of the code you posted. You could add it to the css that you already have inside the html <head> section.

#flashcontent {
    z-index: 99;

The z-index is to make sure the gallery sits on top of everything else and the 99 is to save me the trouble of counting all your other absolutely positioned elements.

You'll also need to change the order of things in the html code. Currently the #flashcontent div is a child of the body so it will have a fixed position in the browser window. You'll need to move #flashcontent inside your #Table_01 div. That way, your gallery will move with your headings when the user widens the browser window.

So, in an abbreviated form:

<div id="Table_01">
  <div id="MK2-800-01_">
    <img id="MK2_800_01" src="images/MK2_800_01.jpg" width="800" height="80" alt="" />
  <!-- more divs like that one go here (deleted for clarity) -->
  <div id="flashcontent">AutoViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. <a href="">Get Flash here.</a>
<!-- javascript to load the gallery can stay here where it is now -->

I noticed that you have two </body> tags and two </html> tags. You should just have one of each right at the end.

I rarely use absolute positioning myself, but once you start with it then it's probably simplest just to carry-on and AP the gallery as well as everything else.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Embed AV via svmanager questions

Thanks a billion for the efforts and the heads up on my 'garage sale' coding! Gonna try it out.
I let you know how it goes.

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Thanks again!


I just can't get that sucker to work. I think I might be out of my league with the CSS too.  :P
Plan 'B' is to just not use 'svmanager'... I tried your code suggestion and it pulls in the content but I lose the background image and the above tables seem messed up... Obviously, I'm doing it wrong... Arg! Not exactly sure which HTML and BODY tags I should delete either. -- If you have any suggestions I'm all eyes. No worries if we are getting too in depth, I know you're not designing this mess! Thanks again.