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i just bought svmanager and i created a gallery from my Flickr set with tags that have "1" in them. it works perfect.

BUT NOW... i need to create an html page that has Multiple galleries (like 25) on one page from svmanager and also how do i get to those files to put them somewhere else once the svmanager has created them?

I saw the topic below regarding multiple galleries in html, but i didn't see how Svmanager could help me with this: … l#multiple

Once i created the gallery with Svmanager i got this link  but i don't have access to a folder named g1 in that svmanager folder making me think where are my files?

help is much appreciated as time is of the essence on this project, why i bought the svmanager....



Re: SvManager Help - create multiple galleries and.....

Let me get this right – you want a long html page with 25 galleries all showing in the page, one above the next?

You don't want a page with links to 25 different galleries?

...where are my files?

Which files are we talking about here? The image files are in Flickr.

...time is of the essence

OK but please try to explain a little more and I'll do what I can to help.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: SvManager Help - create multiple galleries and.....

so ive learned a little more since my last post and i created a gallery page with the index.php, but now i've learned that our servers that we are going to host the page on arent compatible with PHP, SO NOW i have to figure a way to make this page the same but have it only be HTML.....

Here is the link to my gallery:

any solutions would be great!