Topic: Thumbs being created as black image files

Hello all,

I am using the latest version of Porta, and have successfully created 9 galleries with it last week. This week I went to create one and it has created thumbnails as 1kb black images. So, although they don't have an X in the box, they do not show anything but the black, which is also the background colour.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Porta and there is no change.

The interesting thing is that when I tested the newly reinstalled Porta on a 4 image folder, the thumbnails appeared just fine. Then I created a 48 image gallery and all blacks again. Now I went back and created (brand new) a gallery with the same 4 image folder, and it is black thumbs again.

Worked just the once and then broke!

Any thoughts on what might be happening there? The main images show up just fine.



Re: Thumbs being created as black image files

:?: It turns out that as long as I uninstall and then reinstall, the first gallery is okay. After that, black thumbs. Frustrating, as I lose all my preferences each time.

HELP! (please)  :x