Topic: Simpleviewer loading differently in different browsers

I looked through the previous topics and saw related questions, but many were answered in direct response to the pages each submission concerned. I thought it best to ask for assistance directly related to my own website.

Here is the page with links to all of the different galleries on the artist website I am designing:

So, in Safari and other basic Mac browsers I've had no problem with people viewing the galleries. On PCs, we have had limited success in Internet Explorer (in some cases the simpleviewer fails to resize to fit the whole window and cuts off some of the thumbnails; at other times all of it shows up except some of the thumbnails are not present). I have just viewed it in Firefox where the galleries don't appear at all; just a totally blank screen across from the table of links at the top.

Take this gallery for example: … rtime.html

Any advice you could offer for making these galleries consistent in all browsers? As well as future tips to be aware of when building new galleries on this and other sites? I am not super experienced with web design and don't have a great handle on problem solving based on different views in different web browsers.

Thanks much - - - -

Re: Simpleviewer loading differently in different browsers

Did you use fetch to upload the gallery? If so delete the simpleviewer.swf from your server, use another FTP client such as Filezilla or cyberduck to upload it again and then clear your browser's cache and refresh the page.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Simpleviewer loading differently in different browsers

Dear Mike/others,

I took all of the gallery pages off of my server using Cyberduck, and reloaded them on using the same program. They still seem to work perfectly in Safari, but no changes for the other browsers.

In Explorer, they don't resize and cut off the thumbnails on the left side.
In Firefox, they don't show up at all; totally blank.

Other steps to try?
Am I doing something wrong when putting them into the page, etc?


Re: Simpleviewer loading differently in different browsers

Try setting your html body and flashcontent div to height: 100%; in your css and clear your browser's cache after making the change.

html,  body, #flashcontent {

height: 100%;

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.