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Topic: rlly frustrated.... SVbuilder changes, not taking affect

so once inside svbuilder, i set the folder as the WEB folder that came with simpleviewer 2 pro.

inside of svbuilder it shows the normal classic view, so then i change it to Compact, and change the columns and rows. then i click embed code. it brings up that i need to paste the javascript into the html file thats in that folder.

i paste over the original code with the code that svbuilder gives me and now it doesnt change it when i click the index.html and refresh it........ this is really annoying......

it changes the look a little when i change the layout to Kitchen Sink, but nothing for compact.....


Re: rlly frustrated.... SVbuilder changes, not taking affect

Please post a URL to your gallery and describe what you expect (and want) to see (ie gallery style and number of rows and columns of thumbnails, etc) as opposed to what is actually displayed in your gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team