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The simple question is: has anyone had success installing SimpleViewer in Google sites?

I have downloaded SimpleViewer, made templates with CS3 and Picassa and in both, by clicking index.html, the viewer works - brilliantly, just what I want to show off my photographs - nice and clean and simple! The trouble is, because I am extremely new to web design (and in the autumn of my years so the brain cells don't work as well as they used to  :P ) I don't know how to get it into my Google sites web site. Probably I'm missing something extremely simple. Maybe it can't be done, which would be a pity. Has anyone gone down this route?

Any assistance would be gratefully received. Thanks.


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Re: Simple Viewer in Google sites

In short, no. See here for more information: … made-in-iW

An alternative might be to find some web space elsewhere (try Googling, there are several free hosts out there) and use WordPress with the SimpleViewer WordPress plugin.

Updated information.

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Re: Simple Viewer in Google sites

Hi Steven,

Many thanks for that info. even though it's not what I wanted to hear. It looks as though I will have to re-think things as I really want to use SimpleViewer. I have managed to link to a Picassa slide viewer but that's not satisfactory as it's very messy and confusing (and not professional looking). BTW is a really interesting site - lots of good info.