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I am using svBuilder with SimpleViewer Pro and its Photoshop plugin and Dreamweaver.  I am delighted with your software ..... thank you.

Now for my problem:

For example.... I have a number of jpg images that I would like to display by date and it would saves a lot of time if the filename can be used as a caption (without looking like a filename - the default situation).

So the first question is.... can you add a tick box or something so that I can optionally remove the three letter file extension from a filename when it appears as a caption "myphoto.jpg" appears as "myphoto".

The next thing is file ordering.

At the moment, and quite logically, when a batch of files are processed to generate thumbs and images it is done in ascending order.

I would like the option to choose descending order instead. (Have I got that the right way round?)

The value to me is that I could have a number of images called:

  2008 Course Photo.jpg
  2009 Course Photo.jpg
  2010 Course Photo.jpg

and if I want to display the most recent one first I could tick a little box and your magic software will put them in the appropriate order... and remove the .jpg extension so the filename can become the caption.

  2010 Course Photo
  2009 Course Photo
  2008 Course Photo

At the moment I have to prefix each filename with a number in reverse order so they get sorted how I want them and then edit the gallery.xml file to change every caption.

Oh and one last thing....

It would be a nice option to be able to put captions under each thumbnail as this, in effect, creates an index.

I am not a programmer but I do like to fiddle about a bit and create my own web sites, the one in question where I am using your software is
Thanks again

Re: Suggestion - file order and extension

You don't mention svManager but since you posted in the svManager forum I'll reply from an svManager perspective.

SvManager already supports an A...z or Z...a sort as well as drag and drop.

Currently svManager supports captions derived from filenames including the file type suffix like .jpg. It would be possible to offer the choice of removing the prefix. Anyone else want to lobby me to add this functionality in a future version?

I'm not sure I understand the point about captions under the thumbnails but I think it might be a SimpleViewer issue rather than an svManager issue so you might want to post in the SimpleViewer Pro forum to promote that idea.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Suggestion - file order and extension

Thanks Jack

I need to pay more attention, but I try.....

What I am using is svBuilder so I am sorry for the confusion.  I shall try and put things more clearly in the other forum.

Best wishes from Les

Re: Suggestion - file order and extension

No worries Les, it's good to get suggestions.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.