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okay, I thought this would be pretty straight forward which is why I upgraded but I'm at a complete loss as how to do this. The instructions on the simpleviewer site are vague to say the least, hopefully someone can help.

Here's what i'm doing.

Building the simpleviewer gallery in sv-Builder pro. Saving it to a folder named 'weddingfolio' , uploading this to wp-content/uploads and pasting the code from sv-Builer into the blog post. Im I doing something wrong or anything right!

Really theres no good info on how to do this on the site.

Anyway, I appreciate your time to respond,

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There is a plugin for WordPress (WP-SimpleViewer) designed specifically to create SimpleViewer galleries in WordPress.
Full details (including download link) can be found here: … pleviewer/

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Embeding into wordpress blogpost

Thanks Steven, I was going about it all wrong.

One more issue, if you don't mind.

So I've updated the simpleviewer plugin to pro(the link is not on any slideshows) but how do I go about utilizing the pro options, when I go to edit gallery or when creating a new one theres a dialogue box 'pro options' but i haven't an idea what to do with that.

Can I utilize the sv-Builder to create the galleries for wordpress in any way? I've tried downloading the the files that the plug-in gallery creates, but they're not recognized by the Builder.

Appreciate your help

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If you want to apply any Pro options ( … tions.html) to a WordPress gallery, enter them in the Pro options text area in the form option="value", eg:


svBuilder cannot be used in conjunction with WordPress, which is why the plugin was developed.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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thanks again.

Re: Embeding into wordpress blogpost

If you want to customize your gallery using svBuilder-Pro and use those options in WP-SimpleViewer, you can do this:

Create and customize a new gallery in svBuilder-Pro.
Do 'Save config as preset' to your desktop.
Open preset XML file in a text editor
Copy the options inside the simpleviewer tag
Edit your WP gallery using the WP-SimpleViewer Edit gallery screen
Paste the pro options into the the Pro options textbox

Pro options should take this format:

captionFontName="Georgia, serif"
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.