Topic: List of Galleries

Hello, I've recently purchased simpleviewer, everything is working fine and smooth.

I was wondering if there's any way to add some kind of an index of galleries ( for example using more than one instance with flickr pictures - like each set has its own gallery )
and a user can select between the sets however he wants and get forwarded to one of the galleries.

of course it's possible to just create some html file or html code and implement into the gallery... but i was just wondering if there was a more lazy and easier way for this...

if there's nothing like that, obviously it'd be a feature request :)

else u can just talk about how u'r implementing ur multiple sets for a user to easily navigate though all of them...

Re: List of Galleries


SimpleViewer-Pro does not include a gallery index out of the box. The idea is that you create your own gallery index to match your website.

If you want auto-generated gallery index, you can check out svManager.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.