Topic: Randomising SV galleries


I have a query which I was wondering if poeple on here could help me with.

I'm a photographer and have a website where I currently have one SimpleViewer v2.1
gallery embedded in to my index page.  I currently update my SV gallery every 2 or 3 months
with my latest images so that my site looks as fresh as possible. This is a bit of pain to do and I've
been given an idea which may help to keep my site fresh.

A friend of mine gave me an idea the other day of embedding a few galleries in to my index page
and using a script so that each time a person visits my page a new gallery appears randomly.  I have tried to find
a solution to this idea online but with no luck.  My idea is to create 4, 5 or 6 galleries and embed them in to the same
page of my site but each one would be displayed randomly, one at a time.

Does anyone know what code I need and if it is indeed possible for my site to randomly display a SimpleViewer gallery? 

Thanking you in advance,


Re: Randomising SV galleries

You could probably do this by only embedding one gallery, and using JavaScript to randomly choose 1 or your 6 gallery XMLs and pass it to the embed code. Or you could buy the pro version and just use the randomizeImages option so the image order is always different in one gallery. … ml#general

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Randomising SV galleries

Thanks Mike.  I think your suggestion of randomising images within one gallery is probably best and far less complicated.