Topic: SV IE backwards issue

I am testing my SV in different browsers... running IE locally some of my thumbs come up missing.  When I publish to the net and use IE as my browser, the thumbs are there and everything seems to be functioning properly.  SV works fine in safari, ff, and netscape... no issues.  Should I be worrying about the fact that SV's thumbs come up missing when I test locally on IE or, being that the final output will be on the new, should I be thankful that it works when published and move on?

Re: SV IE backwards issue

Strange it doesn't work locally, but the proof is eating the pudding, so, if it works on your server, seems your good to go!


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Re: SV IE backwards issue

I found out it's a Mac IE thing... I wouldn't call it a bug, just some random bs between  Mac and Microsoft. :rolleyes: