Topic: can't view changes

Hi all.

I've been reading this forum and begining to understand the manupulation of the code. However, i don't understand what do i do with the rest of the .as files?

let me explain...
like if i want to change the size of the thumbnails, i have to edit the file, right? ok. in order for that to take effect, do i add the file to the same directory of where the index.html file is??? or add it to another folder, or copy it and paste it somewhere else?
if so, does this apply to other .as files?

any help would be appreciated.
let me know if my question is not clear.

thanks soo much!

Re: can't view changes

basically everything in your web folder goes on the web, in it's existing state. If you edit for example, do not move it. Publish your simpleviewer.fla which will then read the as files from there folders. If you move them, Sviewer.fla will not be able to find them. The as files are remote code that is included in the swf which is generated when you publish the viewer.fla

The structure of your simpleviewer folder should not be changed.



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