Topic: Upscaling AND Downscaling

Is it possible to have both image upscaling and image downscaling set to true?  When I set downscaling=true and upscaling=false, everything works as expected.  If I set downscaling=true and upscaling=true, the downscaling does not work.

I know upscaling is not ideal as it will result in reduced image quality, but it seems silly to increase load times with huge images for the 5% of people with really big monitors.  However, it is imperative that the downscaling works properly so images are not cut off on smaller monitors (or when the browser is not maximized).

Am I missing another setting?  Is there a better way to go about this?

Thanks for your help

Re: Upscaling AND Downscaling

I've run a few tests and it looks like this might work...
Set enableImageDownScaling and enableImageUpScaling both to true in the file
In the file, change line 220 from:

if (Options.enableImageDownScaling){

... to:

if (Options.enableImageDownScaling && (mJPGWidth>w || mJPGHeight>h)){

Also, change line 233 from:

if (Options.enableImageUpScaling){

... to:

if (Options.enableImageUpScaling && mJPGWidth<w && mJPGHeight<h){

Now republish your swf.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team