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I bought today the pro version after years of using the free one and update to the 2.1 version.

I'm using simpleviewer with dynamic generated gallery.xml content with a php script, which is working fine with the flash version (still working fine with the 2.1 :D after some tuning for new parameters )

But it's not working with the noflash version, getting a "Gallery XML Not Found" message

You can have a look here :

Flash version working fine … Breviaires

Noflash version not working (the only difference is the flash parms set to false to force using the noflash version) … Breviaires

An example of the gallery.xml generated content is reachable here : … Breviaires

BTW, thanks for this great viewer :-)


Re: No Flash version question

In your embedding code for the 'noflash' gallery, the galleryURL line is as follows:

flashvars.galleryURL = "http%3A//" +;

In the 'flash' galleries that works, your galleryURL line is:

flashvars.galleryURL = "" +;

In your 'noflash' gallery, try defining the galleryURL without escaping the :, ? and = characters.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: No Flash version question


I already tried that ;-)

First the "noflash version" was with the same galleryURL without % escaping characters and I tried that just in case.
You should see the second version in comment ;-)

BTW I put the same for the two versions now, same pb ;-)

Thanks for looking


Re: No Flash version question


you are using an older version of the gallery.xml syntax which the SimpleViewer mobile player does not support. Please update your XML to  use the new format.

Replace this:

<caption>20101009 2765</caption> 

With this:

<image imageURL="images/20101009_2765.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/20101009_2765.jpg"> 
<caption>20101009 2765</caption>    
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: No Flash version question

Changes done. No difference, BTw the error message in Gallery XML not found, not errors parsing xml file.

I try to investigate ...