Topic: Several questions


I've got several questions on Simpleviewer.

1. I've read some posts on how simpleviewer can be inserted into an html page, but I couldn't figure out on how to exactly do it. Is it possible to have an html / php page in the root of my server but the simpleviewer in a subdomain ? If so , could someone please post the exact code and explanation on what to do step by step ?

2. I'm using SimpleviewerAdmin, since it's easy to use. Is it possible to customise the looks of my gallery ? I know I can change the border color,background color etc, but what I would like is to have a background picture. Or even better ,no background at all but just the pictures (so the background of my main page isn't interrupted).

3. Is it possible (with simpleviewerAdmin?) to set a limit on how many KB is uploaded ?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Several questions

ps: and is it possible to change the looks of the gllery index?

Settng more space between the gallery's ?