Topic: Option to set zoom-in distance to percentage?

Hi.  First - love the tiltviewer-pro.  This is the perfect solution for the gallery I am building!

I was wondering, since there are so many monitor and screen sizes out there, is it possible to change the zoom-in and zoomed-out distances to a percentage instead of a set number?  Of course, I immediately tried changing to 100%, but it did not create the result.

I know the full screen option certainly helps to bring the image closer to filling the screen upon zoom-in.  But I'm just wondering if there is any way to make the image (even if the user fails to use the full screen option) zoom to fill the size of the window and show off the image to its fullest. 

I know I could also add a link to a full size image, but I'd rather not - I'd rather keep them in the viewer for convenience sake as users browse the gallery and select images.

I appreciate any advice you might be able to give on making the zoom-in distance be percentage or otherwise fill the screen to the max possibility when zoomed in.

Thanks! (and thanks for these great user-friendly products)

Re: Option to set zoom-in distance to percentage?

zoomedInDistance does not currently support percentages, but you if you know how could probably write a little JavaScript that would find the users browser size and feed a number to the embed code. Beyond that option, make sure you set the dimension of your largest image with maxJPGSize in your gallery.xml and experiment with the zoomedInDistance and zoomedOutDistance to get the look you want. … tions.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.