Topic: Allowing website visitors to upload. Admin moderates.


Here is my scenario -

Users (Visitors to the website) should be able to upload images and create galleries without needing to login. They can edit / delete only their own created galleries in that session. These galleries are unpublished yet.

Admin logs in later, reviews the uploaded galleries, selects the ones for publishing.

a. Do you think this mod be possible with svManager?

b. If yes, How?

c. If no, could you point me to hacks / other ways of doing this? (One cue of my mind is - use the wordpress plugin for visitor post submission, and use the simple viewer wp plugin for rendering galleries - however it becomes difficult to have the svManager like upload interface)


All help appreciated! Thank you!

Re: Allowing website visitors to upload. Admin moderates.

svManager is not designed for this kind of community site. You really need a system with a multi-user database and support for managing user permissions. I'd be looking at one of the content management systems like Drupal or Joomla. Or FaceBook???


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.