Topic: Svmanager and Auto Caption Links Option


I have noticed since upgrading to SVM 1.7.2 that the 'Auto Caption Links' option within the galleries isn't making a difference.

I normally have all my galleries with the option 'off' but at the moment all of these galleries are behaving like this option is 'on'

If you would like to have a look the gelleries are located here


Re: Svmanager and Auto Caption Links Option

What happens if you go to the svManager customize screen and press 'Update'. Does it make any difference?

You could also try selecting the Auto Caption Links option, press Update, deselect the option and then press Update again.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Svmanager and Auto Caption Links Option

Hey Jack,

The plot thickens a bit! I have tried that method and it doesnt appear to make a difference on the effected galleries. I have had another look and noticed that it does appear to be gallery specific (Ie not necessaraily within SVM)

I have just uploaded my first Simpleviewer V2 gallery and it doesn't suffer from this issue, so I will just slowly change all the older ones to V2 and see if that fixes them.

Cheers for the help though!