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I have read the possibly fitting Posts and do not find the suitable answer.

Is it possible with the easy Plugin for Wordpress to let indicate a picture title?

The uploaded picture has a title in the Mediathek.

Or do I need the pro-version?

Thank you for an answer.


Re: image title

To give an image a title, edit the image in the Media Library and type the title into the 'Caption' field.
Save the changes, then edit the relevant post and 'Update' the post.
You may need to clear your browser's cache in order to see the changes.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: image title

I added captions in the media library, did the page update, and the captions are not visible.  Anything else to check?

Here's the page.  All images should have captions.

Could it be a color issue?  Or a theme issue? 
In the Edit Gallery page,  Text color is set to black (0x000000).  Frame and BG are set to white (0xFFFFFF). 

The reference in the page text overrides this since it appears gray.
[simpleviewer gallery_id="6" bgcolor="808080" gallery_width ="100%" gallery_height ="600"]


Re: image title

It looks like the captions are there (on my uncalibrated laptop screen, they are visible on the first two images) but, as you suggested, it seems to be a color issue as the captions are lost against the very dark background of the last two images.
The Pro option captionFontColor would help but in the Standard version, you could use HTML formatting to change the caption font color: … l#custom_1

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: image title

Thanks, I didn't realize you had to have the mouse pointer over the picture to see the caption.