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Hi, I am a student of informatics in Brazil and I'm building a site for a new brand of shoes. I bought the Pro version Tiltviewer galleries and mounted according to the tutorials .. but I'm having a problem, my site is all self adjustable, ie it fits any size monitor, so I needed to make the entire site within a movie clip. The problem is within the site has a button that calls the swf file from the gallery into a movie clip. and even so good .. the problem is that the galleries fit more than the site and is leaving the desired area. not stay in the center of the movie clip and leave the area completely determined by the movie clip! I realized that in the gallery has an optional code readjustment of Tiltviewer. But I do not know much about as3, tried to change the code in every way possible and do not come to a solution ..

Sorry if my English is confusing .. not mastered the language well, I hope you can understand and help me!

Thanks in advance
Sincerely: Lívia Rodrigues

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Please check the 2 example FLA files in the \flash_embed\ folder that show how to embed tiltviewer in a shell swf. … flashembed

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Felix, I tried .. : / But not found anything that could help me .. I did everything as directed. but the galleries are still exceeding the limit of the movie clip where they are open ..