Topic: IE will not display thumbnails, only a "dumbed-down" version

I'm having issues with all versions of IE displaying the full SimpleViewer gallery. It works fine on all other browsers, but in IE it doesn't show the thumbnails, just a "dumbed-down" slideshow with arrows. Help!

This is the page that's having trouble. We had to put it in an iFrame to work with the Concrete5 system. … preaching/

Re: IE will not display thumbnails, only a "dumbed-down" version

That sounds like your IE browser does not have Adobe Flash Player installed (or perhaps it has been disabled), in which case the browser displays the HTML version of the gallery which has no thumbnails.

The Flash Player installations for Firefox and IE differ so even if you have installed Flash Player for Firefox, you'll need to follow a similar procedure for IE.

Go to this page in IE and follow the instructions to install Flash Player.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team