Topic: in fullscreen mode change ...


I`m running SV1 with WP-simpleviewer.
I would like to get some changes when I`m in Fullscreen.

for that I already placed that line in the wp-simpleviewer.php (Line 300)

params.bgcolor = "#000000"

to change the bgcolor.

now I would like to add only in fullscreen mode:
frameWidth, frameColor, ...
I tried these lines:


but params is wrong, it won`t work..

any Ideas, how can I activate these functions?

thx for help

Re: in fullscreen mode change ...

You cannot have different settings for normal viewing vs fullscreen mode.
The background color can be changed through use of a transparent background which is available in normal mode (allowing a CSS background color to shine through) but not in fullscreen mode (where the bgcolor is displayed).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team