Topic: Using Simple viewer in a CMS

Could someone pls help me out. I'm trying to implement a simpleviewer galery in a website run with a CMS. Could someone tell me how to upload the different files generated by simple viewer and where should they be uplodaded? Rootlevel? should i create the same bunch of folders with the same names and upload them to the server?
Thank you

Re: Using Simple viewer in a CMS

Perhaps the easiest solution would be to keep each gallery in a separate folder, upload the galleries to the root level (no need to bury them any deeper unless you want to) and load each gallery into an iframe using this method.
That way, the only path you need to worry about is the 'src' of the iframe which will be the gallery's HTML index page and can be absolute (so you don't need to worry about relative paths from the HTML page with the iframe).
If using Joomla, check here: … tml#joomla
If using Drupal, check here: … tml#drupal

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team