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i installed SimpleViewer-Pro v2.0.5 on my own Wordpress website. However, I encounter a problem. I hope someone knows the solution to this? ;)

I installed the plugin and done everything like on the page ( … pleviewer/) described.

New Images, which I add after the installation of SimpleViewer-Pro, show up correctly . However, the pictures which I had uploaded bevor the installation of SimpleViewer show up incorrectly.


[...] / wp-content/uploads/2006/08/xxx.JPG

he seeks to go/search

[...] / wp-content/uploads/2010/11/xxx.JPG

But the Thumbnails are shown correctly.

Do I need to upload all image's new? Would be over 300 :D

Thanks for the help.

Re: SimpleViewer search for wrong image path

The screenshot would seem to suggest that the paths to the main images within the XML file are incorrect.
You could open the revelant XML file (in the 'wp-content/uploads/' folder) in a plain text editor and fix the paths to the images with a global search and replace.
(The XML file will be named eg. 123.xml where '123' is the numeric gallery_id of the gallery in question.)

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: SimpleViewer search for wrong image path


thanks for the answer.
It seems I could find out the error and it's not a fault of "SimpleViewer". It looks as if ,after the update of Wordpress, the plugin "Add From Server" is buggy.

All images seems to be created correctly, if I look into the WP-Media Manager (also the path). However, in the Databace (*.sql) are some incorrect information. So  "SimpleViewer" get told the wrong path of the images.