Topic: Watermark or Caption

It does not appear possible currently to display a caption or watermark overlay like that of simpleviewer in standard tiltviewer?  Neither does it appear to be in the pro version, from what I have read about the features of tiltviewer pro.  Does this exist in pro, and if not, would it be a simple feature to add to tiltviewer pro?  I am interested in purchasing pro but I would need a, preferably linkable,  caption and or watermark.  Indeed, I would also be interested in a version of tiltviewer that displayed linkable text, defined in the gallery.xml, in a textbox instead of images, would this be much code to change, or is this already possible in the pro version?

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Re: Watermark or Caption

TiltViewer Pro does not provide the facility to include watermarks.  You would need to add these in an image manipulation program before feeding them to TiltViewer.
Hyperlinks are not supported in the captions in TiltViewer but you can have one unique clickable link per image (on the flip side) using 'linkurl' (see the 'gallery.xml' file in the 'web' folder of the TiltViewer download for an example of the usage of this attribute).
TiltViewer Pro is not supplied with source code so modifications (such as displaying linkable text instead of images) cannot be made.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team