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Topic: Instructions for Pro Plugin not working

The instructions state:

Upgrading to SimpleViewer-Pro

SimpleViewer-Pro supports advanced customization options, no download link, unlimited images and more. To upgrade the WP-SimpleViewer plugin to SimpleViewer-Pro, do the following:

   1. Replace the SWF file in the WordPress plugin folder with the one from the SimpleViewer-Pro download. To do this, upload the /web/simpleviewer.swf file from the Pro download folder to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/web/ folder inside your WordPress install folder.
   2. Clear your browser cache. If you do not see the 'SimpleViewer' badge at bottom right of your gallery, you have successfully upgraded to Pro.
   3. You can now enter Pro config options into the "Pro Options" text area.

However, there is no SWF file in the web folder of the latest SimpleViewer-Pro download.  Please help!

Re: Instructions for Pro Plugin not working

The 'simpleviewer.swf' file can be found in the location:

Thanks for pointing out the error in the docs.  I will pass this information on to have it changed.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team