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First off, great product.

I'm trying to understand how I can do this in the pro version. I've built a menu bar on the bottom of my older SimpleViewer "People," Places," and "Things" sites. These can be seen @

I have not been able to replicate this the same way on my 365 simpleviewer site (which is the newest version of simpleviewer). I've gotten close but what happens is that I have to scroll down to see the menu so I've taken out the menu bar for now on that section of my site. Do you know how I can replicate this as I've done on the other simpleviewer pages where the menubar is always appearing on the page and resizes along with the entire window?

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Re: Bottom Menu

Take a look at the examples here: … #resizable
... especially the 'View Vertical Resizable Gallery with Header Example'.
The demo has a gallery and a footer that are resized dynamically with no scroll bars no matter what the size of the browser windows is.
The 'Resizable Gallery Examples' can be downloaded and modified to suit your particular needs.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team