Topic: settings for simpleviewer xml for biggest img display

I've purchased both simpleviewer pro and the manager for my online photography store.. but I still find that neither of the default players isn't efficient enough for displaying the images.. there is always some space wasted on the sides. Does anyone have any suggestions to achieve the following ?

1) Pictures should take as much screen estate as possible. No borders, fancy stuff, just pictures alone. 100%  ( minus the browser URL bar and scroll bar ) of the screen size would be fantastic.

2) Thumbnails positioned out over the main image, so the bottom space can be used to show the main picture to the max.
3) Maybe it is possible to launch the player in a full screen mode  ( instead of launching in regular mode, and then clicking on full-screen icon"

Any ideas are super warmly welcomed.. thanks!

Re: settings for simpleviewer xml for biggest img display

Try this combination of options:

> … tions.html
Thumbnails cannot be placed over the main image.
It is not possible to launch the gallery in fullscreen mode due to a Flash security restriction.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team