Topic: Lightroom 3 and customization

I'm using LR 3 on a Mac, with Postcardviewer Pro. I want to change the rotation and randomize settings, which I understand can be done by editing the file. I've located that in my PvP download, but that's not the file that LR will be referencing, right? IOW, if I'm creating a gallery with Lightroom, where do I find the file for customization? And I do realize I need to republish the .swf file with Flash...

Re: Lightroom 3 and customization

Follow this guide for 'Customizing ActionScript Options': … #asoptions
Once you have republished your SWF, use it to replace the SWF file in your Lightroom folder and all subsequent PostcardViewer galleries created via Lightroom will use the new SWF file (incorporating your modifications).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Lightroom 3 and customization

Thanks, that worked!