Topic: Gallery in Gallery

I have 10 albums with 10 to 20 picturtes. I will create a start page showing all albums with 1 pic and a link to the gallery with all pics of this album. So if you click on the thumb or the text (caption) the new site should be opend with the specific gallery. There schould be also a back butto to the main Gallery. Is it possible to realize ith with SimpleViewer?

Re: Gallery in Gallery

One solution would be to link multiple galleries together with links in a header, footer or side menu.
Downloadable (and modifiable) examples can be found here: … #resizable

Alternatively, svManager is able to present a menu of galleries with a thumbnail for each.

SimpleViewer-Pro supports a Back Button which offers a way for users to navigate away from a full browser gallery. … backbutton

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team