Topic: imageVAlign and "cannot parse XML"

I have a weird problem. the moment I put in "imageVAlign" into xml file, the website gives me a "cannot parse XML" error.
The moment I remove that option, it parses normal and renders the viewer normally.

imageHAlign works, left , right, center, but I want to use (vertical) imageVAlign to center my gallery. Any know issues and fixes with this?

Re: imageVAlign and "cannot parse XML"

You will get a cannot parse XML error if you have duplicate properties in your XML. Check to see if you already have imageVAlign in your gallery.xml using find in a text editor.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: imageVAlign and "cannot parse XML"

Thx. That could be the fix but I'm not sure. I eventually got it to work by deleting the line and placing it somewhere else later on.