Topic: svbuilder, svmanager and turning gate

up to now i used turning gate ttg pages, ttg stage ce and simpleviewer free provided with lightroom and TTG.
we export ttg page, export stage ce into a subfolder of the "galleries" subfolder of ttg page. and we export simpleviewer in a simpleviewer subfolder of ttg stage ce.

I have played with svbuilder but not understood if i need to create my look with svbuilder or svmanager.
which one is the best ? i have seen that we can import svbuilder look into svmanager but no idea if it is better to start directly in svmanager or svbuilder and import.

second, i have played with svmanager and i have a account so i go to svmanager admin and have several galeries.It is not what i want and i don't see how exporting elsewhere than in g1,g2.... I want to put this pro template in the ttg stage ce folder. But of course, instead of resending all files with ttg plugin, i point to the svmanager link which is updated one by one picture

can you explain a little bit how to proceed for ttg page website ?

best regards