Topic: Tiltviewer Pro in Oziogallery

Hi everyone!
I've been trying to setup Tiltviewer Pro in Oziogallery, but I couldn't find  a way to reach my goal.

This is the site. As you can see, it's already Pro, since it doesn't show the link anymore!

What I must edit is the size of the description behind the pictures, I should make it smaller. But I don't understand how to edit this, have been trying to follow the guide, but it said to edit the html page in wich the gallery is hosted. Actually the gallery is automatically generated, so i couldn't find a way to make it!

Re: Tiltviewer Pro in Oziogallery

//fo.addVariable("fontName", "Times");
//fo.addVariable("titleFontSize", "90");
//fo.addVariable("descriptionFontSize", "32");

You need to uncomment (remove the  //) the code above in your HTML and change it so that it fits your needs. If the code is automatically generated you will either have to make changes in another location or change the code that generates the file. I would suggest asking on the Oziogallery forum,73.0.html .

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.