Topic: where to place the URL watermark

I am new here, I bougt 2 weeks ago simpleviewer pro.
I have my own Photo website and I like to show my pictures with simpleviewer.
I work witch Micro soft office Sharepoint Desiger 2007.
I have made a simpleviewer gallery and put it into a folder on my website. That works good.
Now my question.
I want to set a watermark on my picture. I have the do that with a URL oké, but where have I to place that picture?
In the same folder where I set the Gallery? or on an other place?
I tried different ways, but nothing was woking I got an X behind the watermark URL.
Svbuilder do not find my watermark picture.
How have I to do this in Sharepoint??
I am not a ICT or a webdisigner man, just a simple user of the internet.
Sorry for this English normaly I write in Dutch that is much easier for me ;)

Re: where to place the URL watermark

Upload your watermark JPG, PNG or SWF to your web server (it does not matter where as long as you know where it is).
Then, in your gallery's XML file use watermarkURL to point to the file via either a relative path (relative to the HTML file into which SimpleViewer is embedded) or an absolute path (in the form '').

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team