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Hello there

For some reason it seemed like the thead I started was deleted, so I started a new.
I want to thank for a lot of great input, but I really don't understand why my gallery is still so slow.

I have set the imagepreloading to Next, set the thumbloadbar to false and the popoutanimation off.

The site takes so long to load the thumbnails still, I'm ok with the fact that it takes a while to load the large images, but the thumbnails I not still wondering why they need to load one at a time.

Do you have any input to what I can do In order to speed it up?
The link is here, would appreciate any direction so I can finally let my client use the site, since they still keep
complaining about performance.
Please help

Kind regards Dan

Re: Slow gallery v2

Your original post is here: … p?id=12013

The best way to debug website performance is to load the site using Google Developer Tools or Firefox's Firebug. You can also try the ySlow extension for firefox to help debug speed issues. Unfortunately non-SimpleViewer related HTML site optimization is outside of the scope of this forum.

There is a very large MP3 file being loaded that may be slowing down the web server. Try turning that off or reducing the MP3 file size. There is also a lot of JS and CSS being loaded before the SimpleViewer gallery loads. You could try to optimize these files or load them in a different order.

Looking at your site it seems that the large images are taking around 5 seconds to load. The images are reasonably sized so I'm guessing the web server is slow to serve images for some reason. Check with your web host provider.

Finally, set the 'imagePreloading' option to 'PAGE' so that SimpleViewer can preload more images in the background before the user clicks on them.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Slow gallery v2

Thanks a lot Felix

I will check with the hosting. Perhaps that could be it.
It was also slow before I added the mp3.
I wasn't trying to to ask something else than just some suggestion or direction on the performance issue with simpleviewer, since
I wasn't sure if it was simpleviewer that was slow or something that I have done.
But I think the server could be an issue. I will try that.
thanks a lot

Kind Regards Dan