Topic: Language for Fullscreen

In TiltViewer you have an Option to change the Words for entering/leaving FullScreen Mode. So it was easy to "translate" that in German.

Just bought TiltViewer-Pro and SVManager. Anything works fine and easy from the beginning. But: There is no more option to find for changing the few words from english to German.

Can i do that or not? And if..How to do :-)

Greetings Kai-Uwe

Re: Language for Fullscreen

Edit the file svmanager/plugins/tiltviewer/tvmaster/settings.php and find the line

define ('LANG_GO_FULL', 'Go Fullscreen');

Change this line

define ('LANG_GO_FULL', 'Auf Deutsch hier');

Create a new gallery in svManager. The new gallery should have the German text.

Existing galleries will still have the English text. I think the easiest way to fix the existing galleries is to edit the index.php file in each gallery folder.

So edit (say) svmanager/g1/index.php and find the line

fo.addVariable("langGoFull", "<?php print $preferences['langGoFull']; ?>");

Remove the php code and replace it with your message

fo.addVariable("langGoFull", "Auf Deutsch hier");


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.