Topic: SV2.1.2 with wordpress 3.1

Hello ... (sorry, for my english)

I am using WP 3.1 ... and try to use your newest simpleviewer plugin for wordpress.
Installation - fine.
But if i try to give a gallery in a article (with the SV Button), i got this error twice:

Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, 'suffusion_options_init_fn' was given in /www/htdocs/w00dc1b0/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 395

Is there a problem with my theme ?? (its Suffision) and what can i do ??

The old plugin 1.5.4 was working ....

please give me a little help ... tnx.

Re: SV2.1.2 with wordpress 3.1

I have just installed a fresh installation of WordPress v3.1, installed and activated Suffision Theme v3.7.8, installed and activated WP-SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin v2.1.2 and have successfully been able to create a gallery and insert it in a post (with no errors) by following the instructions here.
I may not be able to reproduce the error or provide a fix but I can confirm that the above combination of WordPress, Suffision and WP-SimpleViewer works (on my web server at least).
You could, perhaps, try a clean installation of all components (in a separate folder which can be deleted after testing) to see if you still receive the same error.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: SV2.1.2 with wordpress 3.1

Many thanks, for your quick reply.

I have installed a installation for testing with this theme - got this error.
I installed on my real workspace (another domain) and complete this new things: WP3.1, Suffision-Theme 3.7.8 and the simpleviewer plugin 2.1.2) - and got this error.

Now i tried another theme and got NO error .... mmhhh, dont understand.  :(

btw. in my mind, the old wp-simpleviewer plugin was easier to configuration ...
I dont understand the connection between the simpleviewer config page (i can only edit some settings for selected ID), and the pictures in my article.
Add pictures, is complete different (to the old version) and i can upload pics, than i have "gallery" pics, but where is the connection to the ID-entry ??!??

i dont understand to use this plugin ...

I like the old plugin (1.5.4) BUT i missed some simpleviewer options ....for example turning the big picture to the next pic or choose the "gallery style" ....

So ... its regrettable, but i have no solution ... and you cant reproduce this problem ...

thanks for try to help ....

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Re: SV2.1.2 with wordpress 3.1

Sorry again ...

I dont understand your instruction for the new plugin 2.1.2 (its more complicate as the old version ...)

I dont have flickr, and if possible, i dont like work with the "mediathek" (if possible).

With the old plugin, it was an easy way: upload some (origin size) pics in a named folder on my webspace.
Call SimpleViewer plugin and create a gallery ... after this, i can choose this gallery in my post/article.

But now ??
It would be good, to upload my pics and work with this .... is this possible ??

# Click the 'Add SimpleViewer Gallery' or the SimpleViewer 'eye' icon button.
# Enter the required gallery options in the popup form. Check option descriptions here.
# Click 'Add Gallery' button. This will add the required gallery tag into your post. The gallery tag will look something like this:

For what ?? If i choose the media libary (pulldown menue) ... ok.
And if i add this, i have a ID .... and ?? no pics, no folder, no ... nothing.
And in the SimpleViewer admin menue - no pics ...

I can (over media libary) upload pics from my computer. than i have a "Tab" named "Gallery" ... ok, can choose it.
But for what ?? Whats with my ID (album) and i cant see a SimpleViewer gallery ... only some pics in normal form.

Dont understand this working .... sorry .... :(

Or is it possible to use the windows svBuilder folder/pics / files ??

Re: SV2.1.2 with wordpress 3.1

The alternative to using the WP-SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin would be to:
(1) Create a gallery using svBuilder-Pro (or any other method of your choice).
(2) Upload the entire gallery folder somewhere using FTP (perhaps to the root of your web structure to avoid the files getting lost in amongst the WordPress files).
(3) Embed the gallery in a post using an <iframe> by adding a new post, selecting 'HTML' as the input method (rather than 'Visual') and entering the following code in the body of the post (replacing the 'src' value to the URL of your own gallery's HTML index page).

<iframe src="" width="600" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: SV2.1.2 with wordpress 3.1

Ok ... this is working ... THANKS.

(Maybe, would it be nice, to use the old handling, with the new/more features from the SimpleViewer ? ;) )