Topic: Running SWF Files In Autoviewer?

Has anyone edited the action script in order to run SWF files in Auto Viewer?

If so, can you please share the code?


Re: Running SWF Files In Autoviewer?

Actually, I don't think the action script needs to be edited to run an SWF file because I just did a test and the SWF file loaded in AutoViewer. The only issue is that the SWF file I loaded contains a button with a getURL action which doesn't work in AutoViewer. Would it be possible to enable the action in the SWF file somehow in the AutoViewer code?


Re: Running SWF Files In Autoviewer?

Please see this FAQ regarding SimpleViewer: … #general_1
I suspect the same is true of AutoViewer.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: Running SWF Files In Autoviewer?

Thanks, I have read the link you gave Steven, but in Simple Viewer I have SWF slides running in lieu of JPG slides in various galleries and the getURL links work no problem. So despite the FAQ saying it doesn't work in either program, it certainly does work in Simple Viewer as I have purchased and used commercial versions of both programs Auto Viewer, Simple Viewer, as well as Tilt Viewer. So what is the difference between Auto Viewer and Simple Viewer that would allow the getURL links in SWF files work in one and not the other? Cheers.