Topic: Changing the galleries order on index page ?


is there a way to change the order of the galleries on the gallery index permanently?
i've changed the gallerydata.txt and the gallery order was fine to me, but next time i managed my galleries in svmanager, the order rolled back to standard.
where i can change the order in svmanager ?

PS: Sorry for my bad englisch, i'm german

Re: Changing the galleries order on index page ?

You can sort the galleries by reference number or title or type in the svManager galleries screen. The index page will show the same order.

SvManager remembers the sort order that you set in the galleries screen and will always re-sort them in this order. So editing the gallerydata.txt file will have no effect.

If you want to sort some other way then it's not so easy!

You could create your own galleries index page in html. You could start with a 'view source' of the output the svManager index. Of course, you would need to change it every time you add or remove a gallery.

Or you could Unlist all your galleries form svManager and then re-import them in the correct order.

Of you could try to hack the svManager code to prevent the sort but I wouldn't recommend this.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.