Topic: create hyperlink in e-mail

What I want to accomplish is to create a gallery, then to be able to send a client directly to the gallery with a hyperlink we put in an e-mail to them. I think I would just want a URL that would take them directly to their gallery. I don't care where I need to post it - I could put it on my html website or on flicker. What would you suggest as the best way to do this?

Re: create hyperlink in e-mail

If you were to create a gallery using svBuilder-Pro, you would have a self-contained gallery with all the necessary files in a single folder.  You could then upload the entire gallery folder to your web host.
In order to view the gallery, you would open the gallery's HTML index file (default name is 'index.html' but you may change this on svBuilder-Pro's 'Publish' tab) in a browser.
If your gallery folder was named 'gallery_folder' and you uploaded the folder to the root of your web space ('' in this example), then the URL you would send to someone in order for them to view the gallery would be:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team