Topic: Customizing Previous and Next Buttons

Hi, I'm just wondering if I can customize the Previous and Next buttons that allow you to flip through the enlarged images. I would ideally like to upload my own pngs/jpgs/gifs/whatever.

I tried doing this already in the free version by changing the .prev and .next paths in the CSS, but I assume it didn't work because the pre-created buttons are in the SWF.

Can I do this in the freeware version? If not, can I do it in the Pro version?

Thank you!

Re: Customizing Previous and Next Buttons

You cannot change (swap for your own images) the previous and next buttons built-in to SimpleViewer or SimpleViewer Pro.
However, in SimpleViewer Pro, you can customize them through options such as imageNavStyle, imageNavScale and imageNavColor.
See here for details: … ml#overlay

Also, using the SimpleViewer Pro API, you could create your own buttons, place them on your page and make them function as the navigation buttons do by using the showNextImage() and showPreviousImage() methods.
If doing this, you may wish to disable SimpleViewer's built-in navigation buttons by setting showImageNav="NEVER".
See here for details: … t/api.html

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team