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We are always working on improving our products to create the best image gallery software available.

To help us figure out what we should be working on, I want to invite SimpleViewer-Pro customers to post any feedback and feature requests here. Let us know if there is anything you love or hate about the current version, and let us know what new features you would like to see going into future versions.

Thanks for any feedback!

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Firstly, thanks for great software. Secondly, I'm using the Wordpress plugin to manage galleries.
Under "Edit Galleries" how come the background colour always defaults to ffffff? It would also be extremely helpful if you could see/edit the gallery title. We've got over 100 posts, and currently I can only see which gallery is being used in the post itself or by checking the xml file, which is very time consuming.
Could that be included in the next version? Thanks and kind regards, Victoria

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I love your new pro version -- and would love it yet more if you could add a possibility to underlay thumbnails with an open_url feature as well.  :D


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Hi Felix,

Great thank for the last pro version and in particular HTML5 for mobile.
I use SVBuilber and I think it is a great application.

Is it possible to add in SVBuilber the possibility to track image in Google Analytics directly in index.html ? I imagine a radio button and a text box for my Account ID.
Similarly is it possible to générate the <title> tag in index.html with a text box in SV Buider ?



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Hi SimpleViewer team,

Pls add a method to your API, to return the title of the gallery as it is set in the gallery's xml.
It can be used for setting the title of the html page according to the title of the embedded gallery.


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@jviewer the option title already exists "can" be used to set or get the title on the fly like any other option. The issue is that title is a reserved word in ActionScript and that causes some issues when you try to set the title dynamically.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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I would like to know, when plug-in for RapidWeave will be available for Pro 2.1.2.
Cheers, Eduard

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I would like to see support for Exif information in the gallery.
Also more flexibility in svBuilder-Pro with gallery.xml filenames and gallery folderstructure. I change the name and location of gallery.xml after I have created a new gallery. It is always a problem when I need to change or update a gallery.

Cheers Hans

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Dear Customer Support,

we have a problem with some missing layout options in SIMPLEVIEWER PRO. We cant change it the way we want to because the feature is missing, isn't it? There is two functions that we think are little customizations but will make a HUGE difference for the presentation of our project.

The basic layout for both cases is when the thumbnails show on the left and the picture shows on the right.

When someone clicks on the NEXT arrow we want to AUTOMATICALLY switch to the first picture of the CURRENT thumbnail overview. At this point we think its not very user friendly for our vision. Currently the viewer has to click on the NEXT Button and manually click on the first current thumbnail. 

We want to specify the number of thumbnails after each klick on the NEXT Arrow under the thumbnails.
Like this: First we see 5 thumbnails. We click on the NEXT arrow to see the next set of thumbnails. That is supposed to have 3 thumbnails. Then we click on the NEXT arrow and we want to see 6 thumbnails.

Best Regards.

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@EuropeanFreaks Thank you for your suggestions you can easily accomplish your first request using the SimpleViewer API svPageChange event to set the firstImageIndex option to the thumbnail you wish to display.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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I suggest that "Faster/Slower" or equivalent buttons be added to enable the user to control the speed of the slide show.  Some image sharing sites such as Picasa have that feature and it's very useful.

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Great work on the SV app line.
The ability to rotate images when adding them to SV Builder Pro would be handy since it doesn't seem to recognize the EXIF data from the files when uploading.

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Would It be possible to have two main images associated with each image entry, to show a before and after image?

Many thanks


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Thanks for this great application. I don't know a better gallery template !

I'm using Simpleviwer Pro and Autoviewer Pro, and unfortunately there is no non-Flash version of AutoViewer.

I have tried the SimpleViewer Pro options (without thumb, scale option for image scale mode, slide transition, etc.) but what is still missing to look like the AutoViewer gallery is the previous/next main images that appear on the left/right sides with a light opacity and allow the gallery to fill the whole screen (and this without using the stretch configuration for image scale mode).

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Re: Post Feedback and Feature Requests Here!

Great product, I really like the HTML5 support, but I have 2 feature requests:

Most important: Implement HTML5 audio in the mobile player.
Add the option for an audio progress bar with counter in the flash gallery.

Many thanks, keep up the good work.

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I'm a big fan of SimpleViewer-Pro, great work guys!

I'm currently using SVP to display pottery images, and a hierarchical gallery would be the bees knees. Of course, I can accomplish that now by making the link on any image be the link to a new page that shows the sub-gallery, and have the back link take you back to the page you started on.

However, there are small issues with this, which are the real crux of my feature requests/wishlist:

1. With the mode set so that clicking an image opens a link, it does so for every image. I got around this by setting the target to _self and the linkUrl to # for images that I don't want to do anything with. However that makes the mouse turn into a hand cursor on all images, even if clicking them would do nothing visually. So the ability to "block" that, so that for images where you don't want anything to happen the cursor doesn't change and it doesn't respond to a click would be cool.

2. I'd like to visually distinguish images that you can click on so that when they're viewed a watermark appears. Currently the Watermark option is global to all images. It would be great if it were possible to specify image specific watermarks of some sort (including custom links) so that images that are important could have such a watermark that would jump to the correct gallery, removing the need for #1 somewhat. Or in lieu, being able to suppress the display of the watermark on some images so that it only appears on items with "more images like this", which would allow me to use the API to cause the link to jump to the correct gallery without needing a custom URL.

The work-around to #2 is to modify the image manually to have such a watermark, however in that case I need to keep an extra copy of the photo around if I don't want it to be a link anymore, which isn't terrible but it somewhat of a drag.

In all #1 is more of an issue for me (such as it is) just due to the mouse cursor making it appear that the image can be clicked when it actually cannot be (or rather, without it having a visual effect other than changing the URL in the address bar).

However, the ability to selectively apply differing watermarks on some images that would function as a sub-gallery link would be even cooler, as then it would be possible to keep the image mode so that the navigation buttons can display on them.

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Dear Customer Support,

Last month I purchased SVB-Pro 2.1.2.

I am a photographer and this software seems to do exactly what I needed, which is to post client photos online for their view and selection.  But I stopped using SVB as soon as I found out my clients can right-click on the main image and download a low resolution copy for free.

Is there a way to disable the right-click and copy (or download) from the website ?

Otherwise, this was a waste of money for me.



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Use showOpenButton="FALSE" and showDownloadButton="FALSE.
A description of these options can be found on this page.
In svBuilder-Pro, 'Show Open Button' can be found under 'Customize -> Standard' and 'Show Download Button' can be found under 'Customize -> Button Bar'.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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If it's not already a feature, I'd like to see the ability to include typical "About" information in the form of a popup message or separate window.

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Love your work... ;) 
Just wondering if there is a way of having the 'Back' button url display in the Mobile Html mode ?

If not that will no doubt make things easier for others to navigate if you made it possible.

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Simple Viewer Pro is a really nice package and I am enjoying using it on my site.  I've got v2.1.2 and I understand there are some known issues with the iPhone/mobile viewer components - and these are causing me a little grief on my site.  I am hoping that my suggestions may help influence v2.1.3 (hopefully coming soon?) with some fixes and enhancements for the mobile viewer.

It may help to visit my site via an iPhone to understand my suggestions:

Bug 1: Thumbnail layout in mobile view when embedded within another page is finicky when embed size/scale parameters are set to 100% x 100%:
When I initially setup this page, I found that the mobile viewer thumbnails did not maintain the correct position relative to the rest of the page (the code was embedded in a page with a placement size of 800px x 610px).  Everything looked great on a computer but on the iPhone it was in the wrong position (way too far down on the page) and flowed over the links at the bottom of the page.  I changed the embed to 100% x 610px and fixed the problem.  I don't know why the mobile viewer didn't understand/respect the size/position of the embedded frame when set to 100% x 100% but doesn't have an issue when it is set to 100% x 610 pixels).  I don't currently have an active page that illustrates this problem, but I post one if necessary (please let me know if you'd like to see this).

Feature Request 1: Need navigation back to embedded thumbnails when viewing an embedded main image (mobile, non-flash): 
Select a gallery on my site (for example, Weddings).  The gallery of thumbnails loads smoothly and allows the user to click on a picture to enlarge it and then navigate forward/backwards in the set while still embedded.  However, there is no way to get directly back to the embedded thumbnail view.  Clicking on the thumbnail icon in the upper right corner takes the user to another view (basically the SV-Pro main non-flash view) and is no longer embedded.  From here, in order to get back to the embedded thumbs , the user must then click the browser 'back' button.  There appears to be no way to get directly back to the embedded thumbs when viewing SV main images embedded while on a mobile device.

Feature Request 2: Need fullscreen button when viewing an embedded main image to break it out of the embedded page:
Following a similar path as my first example (select a gallery -> click on a thumbnail -> view an embedded main image), there is no full screen mode option.  I'd love to see a full screen button that would break the main image view out to full screen (and let you get back to the embedded view by tapping it again).  It is possible to get to a full screen view indirectly, but it has issues (when you get to the non-embedded thumbnail view, there is a full screen button at the upper right, but hitting it causes a "Gallery XML Not Found" error -- this is a pathing error that I suspect is related to inherited properties).  This button should be visible in the embedded main image view to make it into a non-embedded main image view.  Tapping that same full screen button in this non-embedded main image view should take you back to the embedded main image view.

Feature Request 3: Allow explicit control/override of certain assumed/inherited properties (between flash/non-flash, embedded/non-embedded):
Due to the bug I noted above, I had to change the embed parameters to 100% x 610px.  This works fine in a normal computer web browser, but on a mobile browser (iPhone), it means that the thumbs are not centered and scaled properly when viewing the non-embedded thumbnails.  SV works better @ 100% x 100% when in mobile device mode.  It would be nice to have independent size/scale parameters for the browser/flash view and the mobile view.  Further, I believe that the pathing issue I mentioned in Feature Request 1 is related to an inherited path issue as the scripts appear to be passing link, path, and gallery xml locations between the non-flash normal view and full.html.  If the normal browser and mobile views could have independent size/scale and path settings, I think this would make things much easier.  Some of these issues may be possible to fix manually, but would require this to be repeated every time a gallery is published.  The SV-Pro Builder app should be able to have control over these types of inherited properties with some options such as 'inherit from flash view,' 'explicitly set override(s)' and so on.

Let me know if you need clarification or examples.  Thanks very much.

Pete Shernan

Re: Post Feedback and Feature Requests Here!

I'm very new to SV Pro, and still trying to figure it all out, but I would like to give a "me too" for some previous suggestions and add some possible new ones:

1)  Allow the end user to change the slideshow transition time
2)  Have SV Builder read the EXIF camera orientation info and rotate the images if needed
3)  As described in another post I just made, enable download in full screen mode via force quitting full screen first
4)  Have an automated way in SV Builder to make the Download and Open New buttons link to a separate full-res image.  This would allow the main gallery to run much faster by using low-res images, but still allow the originals to be obtained by the end user.  Right now I am splitting the difference and using "medium res" images, but load times are still slowish though not terrible.

All in all this appears to be a great product so far.  I like its nice clean look.

Re: Post Feedback and Feature Requests Here!

Login to the SimpleViewer Forum, select the sub-forum in which you wish to ask a new question and click 'Post new topic' near the top-right or bottom-right of the page (just above and below the blue bars that enclose the list of threads).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Post Feedback and Feature Requests Here!

1.  People with Mac  can't open the page on line !  (only customers with PC are able to see the photos online)

Please post in the SimpleViewer-Pro v2 forum describing your problem in greater detail (what you see or do not see) and please provide a URL to your gallery so that we can take a look to see what the problem might be.
Without further information, perhaps the FAQs may help further:

Background Image -  I have tried different URL versions, but its not working.  Is there a specific entry in this window ?

Please see the Background Image Pro Options here: … .html#back
Please note that backgroundURL is a Pro-only option and should be set in the gallery's XML file, eg:


An alternative would be to make the gallery background transparent so that an HTML/CSS background can show through, eg:

<script type="text/javascript" src="svcore/js/simpleviewer.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
simpleviewer.ready(function () {
simpleviewer.load("sv-container", "100%", "100%", "transparent", true);
<div id="sv-container" style="background-image: url('images/background.jpg');"></div>
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Like many of your users (judging from the posts) I also upgraded from the free simpleviewer to pro v2. It's a really useful tool for making albums which my clients love.

One thing would help.... the ability to set the image and thumb path to something other than "images" and "thumbs". This is all connected with wanting to keep stuff out of root of my sites (only put pages in there) and running more than 1 album on the same site.

Editing the xml is a kludge. Using an iFrame is the current solution I'm using and it works OK in the big 5 browsers, but there may be some out there that do not support iFrames.

Keith Taylor