Topic: Thumbnails not displaying after moving wordpress.

I have the Pro v2.1.3 installed in Wordpress v3.1.3 . I had a gallery (flash) working perfectly on my wordpress site. The site was on a www3 domain while I developed it. I have now switched it to a www domain but ever since doing this the gallery fails to display the thumbnails. The place holders for the thumbs are there and I can see the loading bar for each, as the load progresses, but no actual thumbnail images are displayed.

Please help. For the moment I've had to disable the flash setting. the non-flash version is working fine!


Re: Thumbnails not displaying after moving wordpress.

Please post a URL to your gallery so that we can take a look.
In the meantime, this FAQ may help: … trouble_11

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Thumbnails not displaying after moving wordpress.

Thanks Steven,

The site is actually using the non-flash version at the moment, until I get the flash one fixed. The site has only launched today and the client wants the non-flash version to stay while they demo the site around their various groups, so for now I'm unable to show you the non-working flash version.

I think i will try and build another gallery to see if I get the same problem with a gallery created on the new URL. The only way I can create new galleries is by disabling plug-ins (I had a previous problem where I was unable to actually create SimpleViewer galleries unless I  deactivated plug-ins). To do this I will have to wait until tonight when the corporates have gone home.

I'll post the results when done. If I still have no joy then I will send you a link to the flash version.

Re: Thumbnails not displaying after moving wordpress.

OK, problem now fixed. I had to delete the images from the Wordpress Gallery, upload them all again and then create new SimpleViewer gallery. PITA to do but all working now.