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It would be really nice to be able to have videos included in this.  This could easily be accomplished by allowing the simpleviewer to load and play external swf files. 

How possible is this?

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It is possible to load in SWFs. Add the SWF in the same way as adding a JPG - add the SWFs filename in the XML image list. Note that ActionScript in a loaded SWF may not run as expected.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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thats great news.  I have been looking for a photo gallery that can do video and pics as most digital cameras these days take both, thus the user ends up having to find a way to show both without using flickr/vimeo or whatever combinations of the two. 

Great software!

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Could this also be added to autoviewer?

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I'm using Simple Viewer as a general gallery viewer for both images and smaller flash movies, and I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish the following:

When I open a flash movie (click on its corresponding thumbnail), I want it to start playing from the start. As it is now, it just starts playing once it is loaded into Simple Viewer, and when I click on its corresponding thumbnail, it's e.g half way through the animation.

Can anybody help me with this?

I have purchased the Simple Viewer source code, so is it possible to add code that tells Simple Viewer that if the loaded item is a flash movie, it should tell said flash movie to go to frame 1 and start playing, when said flash movies corresponding thumbnail is clicked?

Thanks in advance!

Søren Madsen

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Same issue here. The swf movies start playing in the background even before they are selected.
I tried adding a stop() command within the onInit function of the thumb and the image object but my attempt has been ignored by the program so far.

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Hmmm, I'm not having this problem. Are you using your swf for the thumbnail. by chance?  Try this - place your swf in the images folder, call it 10.swf.  In the thumbnail folder add a jpg called 10.jpg, then re name it to 10.swf. This will load your thumbnail jpg.  clicking it will load the 10.swf large image/movie.
Your xml will call  10.swf  like so

<image><NAME>10.swf</NAME><C blah blah.............


in order to better assist you, please provide a url, relevant code and details about your problem.

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gave it a try, but still playing.
Anyhow it's not an issue of simpleviewer. It's my movie which starts playing immediately, but I was hoping to suppress this somehow in simpleviewer.

Occasionally I will try to build a loader for my videos, which prevents them from playing after loading.

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greetings from sunny Sweden!

this post seems to be quite old.. I wonder if there have been any improvements on SWF files in simpleviewer.. anyway.. to prevent the movie to immediately play try converting the clip with "snosh", the programme has an option which prevents the movies to play on load ("stop action at first frame") and to add a player control bar (play, volume, stop, next, etc..) in the swf clip... I tested it, and it's just perfet, after creating a thumbnail the clip stops at the first frame and I can play/stop the movie using the control bar in the swf clip...

the "problem" is that it's not a freeware programme, it costs about 60$ bucks.. far too much for me since I don't think my holiday photos+videos are worth it..

TO "Flash ho" which programme did you use to convert the clips into SWF?