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Topic: what to upload after changes to settings?

My gallery is online http://handyman.peteschulte.info/index. … ;Itemid=15

You can see it on my server without the Joomla site here http://handyman.peteschulte.info/templa … index.html

I removed the title and description in my local version. It looks fine. 

On the server I tried renaming and re-upping index.html, gallery.html, jalbum-settings.jap and more files. But none created the changes online.

After making changes locally, what to upload in order to see the changes on the server?


:)  After a trouble ticket to the web host, as yet unanswered, the simpleviewer album is showing the changes I made.

Still would like an answer to my question in order to avoid re-naming/re-upping a bunch of unnecessary files.


Re: what to upload after changes to settings?

If using jAlbum and the SimpleViewer Skin to create your gallery (or galleries), there will be an 'index.html' file and a 'res' folder in the root output directory.
Additionally, in each folder (and subfolder), there will be 'gallery.html' and 'gallery.xml' files and 'thumbs' and 'slides' folders.
The entire output directory ('Tools -> Open Directories -> Output directory') must be uploaded for the gallery to work.

What you must re-upload after making changes depends on what you have changed.
However, most of the gallery settings are stored in the 'gallery.xml' files so these should be reuploaded.
The 'jalbum-settings.jap' file is not part of the output directory and does not need to be uplaoded.

If you are unsure what files have changed, create a gallery, make a copy of the output directory, make your changes and then compare the two versions of your output directory using a program such as Winmerge.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: what to upload after changes to settings?

Thanks Steven!

Fortunately I had uploaded the xml file along with the others.
Using WinMerge is a good idea, too.