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We currently use the photoshop plugin to create galleries for customers. However everytime we make a gallery, we have to fill in all kinds of details all over again. Is this the same for the plugin that comes with the pro version? Can the pro version remember settings and apply these automaticaly?

also, what else changes in the plugin when we purchase the pro version?


Re: Can the plugin remember settings?

Bumping the topic for the answer ;)

Re: Can the plugin remember settings?

The Photoshop template for SimpleViewer can be found here: … cript.html
It comes bundled with SimpleViewer Standard and can be upgraded to SimpleViewer Pro by following these instructions: … #photoshop
In doing so, all galleries created thereafter will use the SimpleViewer Pro files but the template's interface will still have only Standard options.
In order to incorporate Pro options into a gallery created by Photoshop, you could either:
(1) Open the gallery's XML file in a plain text editor and add the options as attributes to the opening <simpleviewergallery> tag: … tions.html
... or...
(2) Edit the gallery created by Photoshop in svBuilder-Pro which comes with SimpleViewer Pro and is the only program to allow all Pro options to be changed via an interface without having to manually edit any files: … uilderpro/

The template does not remember settings but you can change the default settings by editing the template's 'SimpleViewer.jsx' file (in the 'C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Presets/Scripts/SimpleViewer/' folder).
As an example, to change the number of Thumbnail Columns from 3 to 4, change line 216 from: = dlg.msgPnl.thumbnailColumns.add('edittext', undefined, '3');

... to: = dlg.msgPnl.thumbnailColumns.add('edittext', undefined, '4');
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team