Topic: Trouble embedding Tiltviewer using Dreamweaver

Im having trouble successfully embedding tiltviewer onto my page using dreamweaver. I followed the instructions in the support section of the simpleviewer website, but everytime my page loads, it doesnt display any pictures or the gallery itself- it just says Get flash here.
I do have the most recent version.
The link to this troublesome page is :
Unfortunately I dont have much knowledge in programming and Im sure the code is a mess after all the mucking around ive done.
I used the photoshop scripts to create the gallery and the local index.htl file works fine
Id appreciate any help

Re: Trouble embedding Tiltviewer using Dreamweaver

In the gallery whose link you posted, TiltViewer is looking for the files 'swfobject.js' and 'TiltViewer.swf' to be in the folder alongside the 'gallery.html' file and they are not there.
Upload them into the 'contents' folder and the gallery should display.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Trouble embedding Tiltviewer using Dreamweaver

Thank you so much, all I had to do was drag those files out of the folder I had them all in and drop them into the contents folder- just as you recommended.
Thanks for your prompt reply, now that its working I can finally go to bed  :)